About you

We don't quite know why convention dictates every website kicks off with an "About Us" section. At Glow we like to think we're relatively devoid of ego and far more focussed on serving your needs!

Consequently, rather than give you chapter and verse on "us", we'd rather share a bit of our philosophy - in the hope it resonates with you. If it does, we're sure we can help you in your quest for credible overseas property investments.

What just happened there?

Over the last 5 years, it seems the world took leave of its senses - particularly with regard to investing in overseas property. It was a case of "capital growth of 25% p.a." this and "guaranteed rental yields of 10%" that. By and large ever so slightly bonkers and as most cogent observers know, unsustainable. Somewhere along the way a lot of people lost sight of the fact that for most, investing in a holiday home abroad was primarily about having someplace to feel good about.

Reconnect with what really matters

Glow is all about helping people reconnect with that sentiment. After your main residence (or pension), a holiday home will be the second or third biggest financial investment you make - but this is the investment for you, your friends and family to cherish and enjoy.

The real "glow" of owning a holiday home comes as much from the thrill you experience walking through the door of your new home, the sense of relaxation as you emerge from a spa, the pride that envelops you when family and friends visit, or just breaking your handicap on a great golf course.

Consequently, our aim is to present you with exceptional overseas property opportunities where the accent is on investing in your lifestyle.

Considered investments in overseas property

All that's not to say there should never a financial dimension. However, you'll not find us offering you "get rich quick" schemes, or making outlandish projections on capital growth. Instead, what you can be assured of is Glow will bring you quality. Typically, the properties you'll find on our website:

  • feature viable and / or mature projects by credible developers
  • are on projects that have delivered on key infrastructure
  • are located on resorts where people are already enjoying a great life (and will happily welcome you into it!)
  • typically have 5-star branded hotel operator in place
  • are easily accessible via established scheduled air routes

In addition to all the positive, life-affirming advantages a second home offers our aim is to introduce you to property that is a sound and considered financial investment for the long term.

So, if you're searching for a "feel good" property investment - be it a restored bolthole in Tuscany, an apartment in an authentic French chateau, or the luxuriant surroundings of a top class spa or golf resort, please, let us help you. And if you're looking for a soulless, identikit 2-bed apartment from a questionable developer with the charm of a bunion, we can point you in the right direction too - but honestly, why would you?!