Arrange A Visit

Viewing Properties At St. Endréol

If you would like to visit St. Endréol, it's best to plan on making at least a two day visit - maybe even three if you want to explore Provence or the Riviera at a more leisurely pace.

Transfers can be arranged, but you may prefer to hire your own car from Nice airport (where most people will fly into). From Nice,  it's around a 40-minute drive along the A8 motorway, exiting at junction 36 for the resort. The nearest town is La Motte.

Experience St. Endréol at First Hand

If you are visiting on a pre-arranged basis through Glow, you will receive a:

  • 50% reduction on the bed & breakfast rate at the resort hotel for the first night
  • 20% reduction on your 2nd or 3rd nights stay
  • Complimentary round of golf (including buggy and club hire if required)

Should you choose and reserve a property on your visit, we will also arrange for your travel costs and any accommodation you paid for on your first two nights to be reimbursed (up to a maximum of €500).