L'and Wine Club

Your own private vineyard and vintage

L'and Vineyards is about more than stunning property designs. It's also a deeply enriching personal experience where you'll embark on your journey as a winemaker. From grape selection, to environmental policy, harvest, winemaking, naming and storage, each bottle will be your own personal creation.

Here you will be able to grow your very own vines, make your own wine in the resort's winery. You can choose to use your own grapes or a blend from the varieties produced in the common vineyard. You will even be able to select your own barrels for ageing the wine.

The L'and Wine Club

Every Wine Club member will have access to the bar and restaurant of the club, to oenology courses, and may participate in wine competitions and other events. They may also have expert personalised assistance from an oenologist and will be able to have a "garrafeira" (wine cellar) in the restaurant, allowing them to serve their own wine.

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