Properties and Prices

Bespoke 21st Century architecture

L'and Vineyards enjoys a very special, private rural setting with properties that offer strikingly contemporary architectural design.

  • Plots of up to 1.2 hectares
  • Complete privacy
  • Large windows and patios
  • Calming south facing valley views
  • From €171,000 to €800,000
  • Landscaped with vineyards, orange orchards, olive groves and almond trees

Internationally acclaimed architecture

A group of five internationally renowned architects were invited to design each of the cluster of homes in the L'and Vineyards estate. Each architect was chosen on the basis of the excellence of their previous work and their willingness to use similar materials and architectural language. This means that while each cluster of properties has its own distinct identity and personality, there is still an architectural coherence.

Townhouses - from €171,000 to €260,000

The two-bedroom townhouses at L'and are between 90m2 and 112m2 and sit on plots that would put many villas to shame (between 160 to 800m2). All but 3 of the remaining townhouses come with their own section of vineyard of between 140m2 up to 484m2

Villas - from €354,000 to €800,000

Each of the 136 villas set in an extraordinary landscape with large private grounds and most with their own private vineyard. Plot sizes range from 735m2 to a massive 10,300m2.

Each house can be personalised by choosing from the available options which include gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, Estremoz marble bathrooms and underfloor heating. You can even change the interior layout and the garden.

Design style

All of the properties at L'and Vineyards are designed with the topography of the landscape in mind. Each house is shaped to its surroundings and built with extremely low density. This means you will enjoy spacious living on an unprecedented scale. Patios and terraces play an important part of the designs and is central to the sense of harmony between the homes and the surrounding landscape.