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Invest in Property at Aphrodite Hills

There are several property investment opportunities at Aphrodite Hills ranging from apartments or townhouses to grand villas on private plots. In addition to being available for ownership on a conventional basis, a select number of properties are available with rental returns. One theme is common across all the properties - in terms of quality and facilities, the homes at Aphrodite Hills are without parallel on Cyprus.

Theseus Village - Now from €297,900 (30% saving) to €1.18 million

Theseus Village - the latest village style phase at Aphrodite Hills - is arranged around three terraces with commanding views towards the sea and the horizon and while each terrace has its individual character, there's a charming cohesion to the whole village.

The architects have capitalised on the natural contours of this elevated site to achieve a feeling of space and harmony. The village offers apartments, villas and junior villas, all designed and built to the universally high standards that have become the hallmark of Aphrodite Hills.

At the heart of Theseus Village is the main swimming pool with its shady trees, gazebo and signature pavilion that creates an informal focal point for the village. Owners and their guests will find it's the perfect spot from which to enjoy the spectacular sunsets.

Theseus Premium Programme Apartments - From €448,000 to €709,000

A select number of apartments at Theseus Village are part of the resort's "Premium Programme" - an initiative for owners looking primarily to rent their property. Available as 1,2 or 3-bed apartments, until 31/12/09 the Premium Programme properties come with:

  • Min. 5% p.a. guaranteed return for 4 years (min. €19,000 p.a
  • Management, maintenance and utilities fully paid
  • Personal use of property for 4 weeks p.a.
  • Fully furnished and equipped to highest standards
  • Mortgage with only 30% down payment
  • Up to 40-year mortgage term

Theseus Conventional Apartments - From €297,900 to €1.07 million

Conventional apartments (with no restrictions on use), are also available at Theseus Village. These range in size from 55m2 (excluding terrace) to a 152m2 3-bedroom penthouse (with 72m2 private terrace area).

Theseus Townhouses - Last one remaining at €1.18 million

Only one townhouse remains at Theseus village - a 2-bedroom 131m2 property with 29m2 of private terrace area.

Private Villas - from €1.285 million

There are a select number of villa plots available at Aphrodite Hills for those who want to invest in the ultimate lifestyle. You can choose to either invest in a:

  1. Plot subsequently constructed with one of around a dozen villa design styles (plots from €495,000)
  2. "Premium Programme" villa - enjoying a similar set of benefits as those outlined above (from €1.39 million)
  3. Ready built villa - varying in location and size, these are ready for occupation (from €1.285 million)